Dual Uninterrupted Power Supply

Dual Uninterrupted Power Supply

If you run a data centre or server room, you’ll know just how power hungry expensive, powerful computer servers can be.  Most of the time, these rooms need three phase power supplied to them to support the computer equipment and cooling systems necessary to keep all the systems running at peak performance.  In this type of installation, uninterrupted power supplies are not only necessary – they’re essential.  Clients or employees rely on the services provided by your data centre or server room for their productivity and any interruption caused by power failures can cause a huge loss in productivity and money.  To keep these systems up and running in times of power cuts and failures, a good dual uninterrupted power supply can go a long way to giving you those crucial few minutes to restore power to your systems.

What is a Dual Uninterrupted Power Supply?

In very large and enterprise computer system installation, almost always the power to the systems comes in the form of three phase power. A dual uninterrupted power supply is designed to have a three phase input and a single phase output. This makes for a much more convenient power system to work with, as well as providing the usual protections offered by a dual uninterrupted power supply. Similar to standard devices, the dual uninterrupted power supply comes in offline, line-interactive and online types.

Offline devices make use of a lead acid battery to protect the connected equipment in the event of a power cut, surge, spike or sag by immediately switching to battery power at the first sign of a power supply issue. This is the simplest, cheapest method of protection available. For a line-interactive and online dual uninterrupted power supply, the unit contains a specially designed coil system to aid in the protection against surges, spikes and sags. Online devices have one other feature – the protection against environmental influences like noise and harmonic distortion.

Purchasing a Dual Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Expansys is an online store that operates throughout the United Kingdom and has a large range of Eaton dual uninterrupted power supply systems.
  • Crescent Electronics Ltd is based in East Sussex and supply a range of these devices for very reasonable prices. They also have a technical service if you need the device installed in the area.

Estimated Costs of a Dual Uninterrupted Power Supply

Dual uninterrupted power supply units cost anything from £30 upwards. For large installations, it is best that you contact the company you are using to supply them for a quotation.

For your large scale and enterprise installations, you know that your clients expect their systems to be up every second of the day and night. You can’t take chances with unprotected systems – both from power cuts and irregularities in the power supply going to them. A dual uninterrupted power supply is a great start to that protection, providing you with those few minutes to get the generators going and against the spikes, surges and sags that happen on a daily basis, taking their toll on all that expensive computer equipment.