Emergency Uninterrupted Power Supply

Emergency Uninterrupted Power Supply

We often take power for granted.  I can’t count the amount of times I’ve walked to the microwave during a power cut and pressed the start button, wondering why it hasn’t started working only to remember they run on power.  We are completely reliant on power and are almost lost without it.  Emergency uninterrupted power supply units can supply power to almost any scale depending on their maximum output for anything from five minutes to several hours.  In emergency situations, when power is critical you need to make sure you’ve made the right provisions to ensure there will never be a time when you are without power.  With an emergency uninterrupted power supply, you can go that much closer to ensuring that.

What is an Emergency Uninterrupted Power Supply?

An emergency uninterrupted power supply has the ability to detect changes, cuts and irregularities in the power source so quickly that it can maintain a constant flow of clean power to whatever it is connected to and never allow power loss or irregular power to get to the device.  It does this by while being connected to power, constantly ensuring the internal sealed lead acid battery is fully charged and when the power cuts, before anything can happen switches over to the battery, which outputs, via an inverter, an AC power source for your attached devices to continue running.

There are several different types of emergency uninterrupted power supply units and naturally they come with different price tags.  The cheapest of the three different units, the offline emergency uninterrupted power supply uses the battery for protection against power cuts and irregularities while the mid-range line-interactive unit uses an additional circuit for protection against power irregularities and only relies on the battery for complete power failures.  The online emergency uninterrupted power supply is the most complete solution, but also the most expensive.  It protects against everything the line interactive unit does, but also contains protection for noise, frequency oscillation and harmonic distortion.

Purchasing an Emergency Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Oyyy Online is an online store with a large selection of emergency uninterrupted power supply units suitable for medical labs, light industrial applications and other such uses.  They offer shipping throughout Great Britain.
  • Misco UK have a shop in South Woodford, London and supply a large range of UPS systems for use in critical applications.

Estimated Costs of an Emergency Uninterrupted Power Supply

Most emergency uninterrupted power supply systems need very large batteries and as such can easily reach well over £1000.  As with all large scale system installations, it is always better to have a company see what you need your emergency uninterrupted power supply system for and quote you on a solution.

If you never want to worry about the electrical supply causing severe damage to your expensive equipment or if all you need is to know you’ll always have those few minutes after the power cuts, you need to invest in one of these units.  For the price, you’re getting almost complete protection and safety from irregular power.  An emergency uninterrupted power supply is a very worthwhile investment.