Home Uninterrupted Power Supply

Home Uninterrupted Power Supply

Whether your equipment is mission critical or you just want to ensure a bad power source doesn’t damage your expensive computer equipment, a good uninterrupted power supply is always a great start to ensuring this.  Uninterrupted power supply units are not a replacement for power but rather a good way to give you time to restore power to the affected computer equipment or safely shut it down or switch to generator power.   

For a home user, home uninterrupted power supplies largely allow us a few minutes to save our current work in the case of a local power outage or enough time to turn the power back on in the case of your home power tripping.  If you’ve ever been an hour into a document that hasn’t been saved only to have to start again because of a power failure, you’ll know home invaluable a home uninterrupted power supply can be.

What is a Home Uninterrupted Power Supply?

Home uninterrupted power supply units come in three different types.  For the cheapest type of unit, the offline home uninterrupted power supply provides surge protection as well as providing a few minutes of battery backup power.  It relies on the battery backup to protect you against surges and sags in the power.  A line-interactive home uninterrupted power supply works in a similar way to its offline counterpart, but carries an additional coil circuit for protection against the spikes and sags, only relying on the battery in the event of a power failure.  The online home uninterrupted power supply works in very much the same way, but the battery is constantly connected to the inverter, therefore it doesn’t use any power switches, ensuring the smoothest transitions between the loss and restoration of power.

Purchasing a Home Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Borri UPS sell a range of their own uninterrupted power supplies both online and from their store in Sheffield.
  • UPS Systems specialise in bigger installations of uninterrupted power supplies but also offer a range of home devices from their store in Berkshire.
  • DBTec sell and support Eaton devices from their offices in Huddersfield.

Estimated Costs of a Home Uninterrupted Power Supply

Because there are so many different types of home uninterrupted power supply units that offer different features, you want to make sure you spend the right amount on yours so you are sufficiently covered.  For a basic offline unit you can expect to pay between £25 and £40.  If you need a line-interactive unit, you can expect to pay up to £100.  For the most complete protection, you’ll pay anywhere up to £300 for an online home uninterrupted power supply.

If you need to know your expensive equipment is always protected and safe from damage and productivity loss, you need to protect yourself.  A device like this offers everything you might need.  Get yourself a home uninterrupted power supply to ensure you’re never going to have to worry about losing work or damaged equipment caused by power problems again.