Types Of Uninterrupted Power Supply

Types Of Uninterrupted Power Supply

Almost always, your computer equipment is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make for your business and because of its sensitivity it requires clean and stable power to be supplied to it.  If you live or work in an area where power cuts and failures are common place or if you need to make sure your computer equipment is always available to you and your employees or colleagues, a battery back-up uninterruptible power supply might be an option for you.  

There are many different types of uninterrupted power supply units available on the market, and almost all of them will protect you from the complete loss of power during power failures, power surges and sags during increases or decreases in input voltage, power spikes or high voltage excursions, noise, frequency instability and harmonic distortion – all power problems that can be lethal for your computer equipment’s uptime or very damaging to your computer equipment.

What are the Types of Uninterrupted Power Supply?

When purchasing an uninterrupted power supply, you’ll usually have a choice between offline, line-interactive or online uninterrupted power supply units. Each one has a different way of managing your power and depending on your budget, you’ll want to get the best one you can for the money you can spend.

  • An offline unit simply offers surge protection and battery backup in the case of a power cut and relies on the battery to compensate for power surges and sags.
  • Line-interactive units contain additional circuits for protection against surges and sags as well as offering everything the offline unit does.
  • Online units are similar to those of the other types of uninterrupted power supply units but the batteries are always connected to the inverter so that no power transfer switches are necessary.

Once you’ve decided on which of the many different types of uninterruptible power supply you want to purchase, you need to purchase one that is big and strong enough to power all the equipment you need to power.

Purchasing one of the Types of Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Reillo UPS is a national company with their head offices in Wrexham, Chester and supply a full range of different types of uninterrupted power supply units. They have service centres all over the county. Riello UPS manufactures their own range of devices.
  • Data Power Protection resells Riello UPS devices from their offices in Liverpool and West Sussex. They offer other kinds of power backup too like generators and inverter systems.

Estimated Costs of the Types of Uninterrupted Power Supply

For your basic offline or line-interactive devices that are able to power a standard computer with screen and printer, you can expect to pay between £45 and £60. For a unit supporting two computers, expect closer to £100, and for 3 computers almost £200. Online uninterrupted power supply units start at units big enough to power two standard computers and start from around £300.

Whatever your needs, you’ll find a unit that is perfect for you. These devices are essential in today’s world. The types of uninterrupted power supply units vary greatly and with a little advice, you’ll be able to purchase one that will work exactly as you need it to.