Mini Uninterrupted Power Supply

Mini Uninterrupted Power Supply

If you’ve ever bought or owned one, you’ll know that uninterrupted power supplies can be expensive, heavy and cumbersome and the batteries need replacing once a year making them expensive to maintain too.  Sometimes you don’t even need it for more than ensuring a router or PABX system stays operational in the event of a power cut or outage.  Gone are the days when you needed to buy a fully-fledged uninterrupted power supply to do this because more and more manufacturers are manufacturing mini uninterrupted power supply units.  These units are specially designed to take up a minimal amount of space with minimal cost and supply power backup to a small simple device like a router.  Mini uninterrupted power supply units are gaining popularity in the home and in enterprise server rooms alike.

What is a Mini Uninterrupted Power Supply?

Mini uninterrupted power supply units aren’t designed like their big brothers to power entire computer systems or several computer systems, but rather to ensure that power is kept constant on smaller, just as important devices like ADSL modems, routers, KVMs and other such devices.  Mini uninterrupted power supply units are very reliable and require very little maintenance and, because they are DC current based, are relatively inexpensive.  

They work by storing a charge in a lead acid battery and in the event of any disruption in power, be it a complete power cut, black out, brown out, spike, surge or sag, the mini uninterrupted power supply can compensate by disconnecting itself from the main power source and powering the connected device by the attached battery.  Applications are not limited to computer equipment – several people have used the mini uninterrupted power supply for many different low-voltage DC devices.

Purchasing a Mini Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • CCL Online sell a range of mini uninterrupted power supplies and offer very reasonable pricing on their units.  They also have a shop in Bradford is you want to view the products before buying them.
  • Comms Express is an online store that also sell a wide range of these units and offer free delivery for anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Estimated Costs of a Mini Uninterrupted Power Supply

Mini uninterrupted power supply units are usually a fair bit cheaper than their full counterparts because of the lack of the inverter and smaller battery size.  They range in price depending on your requirements and can be bought for anywhere from just a few pounds up to about £100.  Usually these devices do not have replaceable batteries so keep any eye out for this.

With the world becoming more and more reliant on instant communication over your networks and the internet, ensuring the devices giving them that connectivity aren’t damaged, leading to significant loss of productivity, or suffer from power loss is very important.  Make sure that never happens to your business by protecting them with the use of this type of device.  A mini uninterrupted power supply is an often overlooked but very important piece of your IT equipment.