Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply

We all know that feeling when we’re going to be away from a power source for an extended period of time and end up desperately hoping our notebook, mobile phone or mp3 player’s battery will last long enough until we can get back to a power source.  Manufacturers of these devices have done everything they can to make batteries more efficient, last longer and even offer bigger travel batteries with extended charge that can last longer than regular batteries.  Portable uninterrupted power supply units are particularly useful in cases when even these extended life batteries aren’t going to be enough and you’re going to need a power source to charge your battery but aren’t going to be near a plug for a while.

What is a Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply?

Portable uninterrupted power supply units do one thing and they do it well.  They charge our portable devices like laptops, mobile phones and MP3 players from power collected from sources other than the power grid.  Some are wind powered while more often than not they work on solar power to gather enough power to charge the battery in our devices.  By harnessing the sun’s energy to provide power to our portable devices, these portable uninterrupted power supply units are ideal for camping and other activities when you’ll be away from a power source for an extended period of time – or just handy to carry in your laptop bag for those eventualities.  

Most of them work with a rechargeable battery pack or removable rechargeable batteries that can either be pre-charged before leaving home or, on some of the more expensive models, charged via the use of a small portable solar panel.  Either of these types of devices help extend the battery life of your product considerably by providing a second battery source that is able to charge the main battery.

Purchasing a Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Power Traveller products are readily available from Amazon UK, who stock a full range of these devices as well as several other brands of portable uninterrupted power supply units.
  • Memory Card Zoo, a company with a store in Guernsey as well as a comprehensive online store supply a range of Power Traveller products.

Estimated Costs of a Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply

The most popular brand of portable uninterrupted power supply units are the Power Traveller products which come in many different shapes, sizes and strengths.  For a mobile phone charger, you can expect to pay around £15 – the same amount you’ll pay for an iPod or MP3 player charger.  If you need something that will charge almost anything, you can pay anywhere from £50 to £100 depending on what it is you need to charge while you’re on the go.

With computers and other consumer electronic devices becoming more and more portable and our lives becoming more mobile, a way of charging your devices on the go is getting more necessary.  You never know when you’ll need that extra bit of power.  With a portable uninterrupted power supply, you can rest easier knowing you’re covered for those eventualities.