Variable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Variable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uninterrupted power supplies can power almost anything for short periods of time.  Usually, unless you’re paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for an enterprise sized installation, a small variable uninterrupted power supply unit is an invaluable piece of equipment.  Whether you need it to ensure your computer systems never lose data or need to power a few lights around the house it can give you that few minutes of grace in the event of a power cut or if someone trips over a plug to sort the situation out or just save your documents to avoid losing work.  But what if you need an uninterrupted power supply that you can vary the output voltage on?  There are several manufacturers that design and build variable uninterrupted power supply units that might be just what you’re looking for.

What is a Variable Uninterrupted Power Supply?

For protection from power cuts, surges (when the power voltage becomes too high) or sags (when it becomes too low) or even environmental influences like noise, frequency instability or harmonic distortion, a variable uninterrupted power supply can help.  There are three different types of variable uninterrupted power supply – offline, line-interactive and online uninterrupted power supply units.  

Each offers the same basic protection from power failures, surges and spikes but the line interactive variable uninterrupted power supply is more efficient by only using the battery for power failures, relying on separate circuits for protection from spikes, surges and sags.  The online unit leaves the battery connected to the inverter continuously and is the most efficient variable uninterrupted power supply of the three types.  Naturally, the offline unit is the cheapest and online the more expensive.

Purchasing a Variable Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Amazon UK offers a full range of variable uninterrupted power supply units of all sizes and output power.  They offer delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom.
  • Langton Info Services offers a range of POTI UPS devices from their shop in Langton.

Estimated Costs of a Variable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Prices for variable uninterrupted power supplies can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, and usually price is a very good indicator of quality – you really do get what you pay for when it comes to these devices.  For the most basic of offline products, expect to pay around £45, for the line-interactive devices up to £120, and for the on line variable uninterrupted power supply units set aside anything up to and over £300.  From time to time you will also need to replace the battery in your device, and depending on the size and type of UPS, you can pay up to £150 for a battery.

When you have a lot of very expensive equipment, or you can’t afford for your equipment to be without power, protection from bad power becomes very important.  In the event of something going wrong with the power to your home or office, you want to know you’re protected.  A variable uninterrupted power supply can give you that protection and peace of mind along with it.