Digitus Uninterrupted Power Supply

Digitus Uninterrupted Power Supply

Computers are a major part of our everyday lives.  They are used everywhere.  In many instances they control critical aspects of our lives.  They are found in hospitals, government offices, manufacturing plants, and let's not forget the internet.  Businesses today can't survive without using computers in most if not all aspects of their operations.  Regardless of the use, a computer needs one thing above all else and that is steady reliable electrical power.  Without good electrical power the computer becomes nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

The Digitus Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

Digitus is an international company whose products, including the Digitus uninterrupted power supply, are designed to meet the needs of our modern, techno-savvy environment.  The Digitus uninterrupted power supply comes in a variety of models to fit the needs of both home and commercial users.  There are nine models to choose from, from a small single PC desktop model to professional level models.

All the Digitus uninterrupted power supply models also have connections for your telephone/modem as well.  There is a USB connection so you can monitor the status of the Digitus uninterrupted power supply unit.  The professional level models come with a LCD display so the user can easily check the status of the Digitus uninterrupted power supply.

The primary function of a Digitus uninterrupted power supply is to provide a battery backup in case of a power outage.  All models have this feature and provide from 5 to 30 minutes of power depending on the size of the unit and the load.  For most cases, this is sufficient to allow the smooth shut down of your computer without risk of data loss or corruption.  The Digitus uninterrupted power supply also has an audio alarm which signals the battery is getting low.

All models provide automatic voltage regulation in addition to the battery backup.  This feature allows the unit to monitor the electrical flow to the computer.  Electrical flow normally has fluctuations due to a number of reasons.  However for a computer and similar sensitive devices these fluctuations can cause problems with operation.  The Digitus uninterrupted power supply automatic voltage regulation system ensures that the power being supplied to your computer is relatively smooth and fluctuation free.

Purchasing a Digitus Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit

The Digitus uninterrupted power supply units are available through many retailers and distributors.  Among those selling it are:

  • Fairlane Distribution Co.
  • SDA Trading Co.
  • Assmann Electronic
  • Farmside
  • Amazon
  • Conrad-UK

Estimated Costs of the Digitus Uninterrupted Power Supply

Depending on the model and output voltage, a Digitus uninterrupted power supply will cost in the range of £65 to £160.  As with any product you may also find retailers who are offering promotions or other discounts.

Whether you are a serious home user or running a small business, your computer is an integral part of your life.  If power problems or issues occur you need to be protected.  A Digitus uninterrupted power supply is one means you can use.  It will smooth out the normal voltage fluctuations, curb voltage spikes, and provide you with a graceful way to shut down your computer without risk of losing data or corrupting files.