Dynamode Uninterrupted Power Supply

Dynamode Uninterrupted Power Supply

You work as a freelance programmer.  You've just finished making several major changes to an employer's program and are in the process of uploading the files to their server.  Then...BOOM!! The lights go off and the power is down.  Your computer has stopped working in the middle of the transfer.  Your phone rings and it’s the employer wondering not so politely what happened because the files are corrupted.  You have just become the victim of a sudden power outage.

So how could you have saved yourself?  You should have had an uninterrupted power supply attached to your computer.  Then when the power went out the battery would have given you enough time to stop the file transfer and shut down the computer normally.  The Dynamode uninterrupted power supply is one of many brands available.

The Dynamode Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

The Dynamode uninterrupted power supply is a small form factor unit providing 850Va at 510W at a very affordable price.  This is enough power to allow you to safely shutdown your desktop computer.  It comes with two standard UK outlet plugs and has many of the same features as more expensive units.  The Dynamode uninterrupted power supply takes only ten minutes from the time it detects a power outage to fully take over providing power for your computer.  Once engaged you have between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the load.  When the battery gets low there is an audio alarm.

It also provides protection from normally occurring power fluctuations.  All electric power systems have fluctuations.  These are caused by the normal flow of electricity through the wires and cables.  You don't notice them because most electrical devices aren't that sensitive.  But computers and similar devices are sensitive to such fluctuations.  Over time these fluctuations can cause a computer system to fail.  The Dynamode uninterrupted power supply has circuitry built into it to filter the power and essentially smooth out the fluctuations.

Another part of the Dynamode uninterrupted power supply circuitry also absorbs power spikes.  These can occur during lightning storms or when power is restored after a brown-out or other outage.  These sudden increases in voltage can also cause severe damage to your computer if not protected by a device like the Dynamode uninterrupted power supply.

Purchasing a Dynamode Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit

The Dynamode uninterrupted power supply is available from many computer and electronics stores.  Some of the more common stores include:

  • Amazon
  • Overclock
  • Eclipse Computers
  • MCM Computers

Estimated costs of the Dynamode Uninterrupted Power Supply

You can expect to pay about £35 for a Dynamode uninterrupted power supply.  You may find price variances depending on the retail outlet as well as if there is a promotion or other discount being offered.

If you are a serious computer user either at home or work, you should protect your computer from power problems by using a Dynamode uninterrupted power supply.  This will go a long way to ensure your computer will last you a long time as well as provide peace of mind should there be a sudden power outage.  By using a Dynamode uninterrupted power supply you won't have to worry about being in the position similar to that described in the beginning of this article.