Eaton Uninterrupted Power Supply

Eaton Uninterrupted Power Supply

Computers of all sizes require electricity to operate.  For the vast majority of time this is not an issue.  You simply plug your computer into the wall outlet and press the power button.  When you finish using the computer you power it off and maybe unplug it.  The average home user, such as yourself, does not leave their computer running 24/7.  However if you have a business, you most likely do leave it running.  If you have servers in your business then you definitely would have them running 24/7.  But what happens if the power suddenly stops?  For example a storm causes a power outage in your area.

When that happens it can have some very serious consequences.  You will definitely lose all data that was in process when the power went out.  The most serious situation would be when the power suddenly comes back and there is a surge.  This sudden spike can cause your server/computer to burn out.  To prevent such things from happening, you can purchase what is called an uninterrupted power supply or UPS.  An uninterrupted power supply is essentially a battery device which activates when the regular power supply suddenly stops.  The battery provides enough power to gracefully shut down the computer.  The UPS also has the ability to absorb sudden electric spikes to also protect your computer. 

The Eaton Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

Eaton is a world leader in providing electrical power management solutions.  They offer uninterrupted power supplies for all levels of needs from home computers to businesses, data centres and marine systems.

Purchasing an Eaton Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • If you are a home or small office user, the Eaton uninterrupted power supply model 3S is sufficient.  It has 6-8 outlets for your computer and peripherals.  It also has outlets for your broadband and telephone.  There is a battery system which will provide sufficient power to last most common power outages and definitely let you safely power off your computer.
  • If you have a small server installation in your business, you could consider the Eaton uninterrupted power supply model 5115 or Evolution both of which are entry level solutions.  If you have more demanding needs there are other models such as the Eaton 9130.
  • And if you run a computer data centre you definitely need to have an Eaton uninterrupted power supply to maintain your operation.  At this level there are also several models available from the model 9355 to the model 9395.

Estimated Costs of an Eaton Uninterrupted Power Supply

You can purchase a home or small business Eaton uninterrupted power supply for around £60 to £220 depending on the voltage output rating.  If you run a small business network with servers, the Eaton uninterrupted power supply would cost, again based on output voltage, in the range of £100 to £1,780.  For data centre use an Eaton uninterrupted power supply will run in the range of £940 and up.
The following is a short list of stores where you can purchase an Eaton uninterrupted power supply:

  • Amazon
  • Tiger Direct
  • Misco
  • PC World stores
  • Novatech computer stores

If you are a serious computer user or run a sizable business operation, you should seriously consider some form of uninterrupted power supply.  An Eaton uninterrupted power supply can provide you with the safety and assurance you desire to keep your computer system functioning smoothly.