FSP Uninterrupted Power Supply

FSP Uninterrupted Power Supply

Electricity powers our computers.  For the vast majority of time you don't worry too much about it, do you?  You simply plug it into the wall and power up.  You don't give a second thought to the electricity, it's just always there.  But what if there is a sudden loss of power?  There you are using the computer and it just goes dead.  Then the power comes back on suddenly.  The power surge could permanently damage your computer.  Or what if you are running a small business from your home and your computer is on 24/7.  You leave the house for a while or maybe a few days.  While you are gone there is a storm and lightning hits the power grid and sends a surge?  You return home to find your computer is literally fried.

In both cases, the answer to your concern is installing an uninterrupted power supply.  This is essentially a battery device which activates when the regular power supply suddenly stops.  The battery provides enough power to gracefully shut down the computer.  The UPS also has the ability to absorb sudden electric spikes or surges to also protect your computer.

The FSP Uninterrupted Power Supply

FSP is a global provider of various computer power supply devices.  They also offer uninterrupted power supplies for personal and small business needs.  The FSP uninterrupted power supply comes in three models based on the output voltage.  The entry level EP650 provides approximately 10 minutes of battery power.  This is sufficient for shutting down a single PC.  The middle model of FSP uninterrupted power supply, the EP850, has enough battery power for 15 minutes of operation.  The top model is the EP1000 which provides approximately 20 minutes of backup power.  This should be sufficient for a small server and 1 or 2 desktops, which is typical of many small home offices.

Each model has six outlets for the computer and peripherals along with two outlets for a telephone and modem.  Thus all parts of your computer system are protected by the FSP uninterrupted power supply.

Purchasing an FSP Uninterrupted Power Supply

The following is a short list of stores where you can purchase an FSP uninterrupted power supply:

  • Directron
  • Axeon Tech
  • Scan
  • PCICase Group
  • Shop Jumbo
  • First React

You can also inquire at your local computer store for availability. 

Estimated Costs of a FSP Uninterrupted Power Supply

The FSP uninterrupted power supply can be purchased for around £50 to £8 depending on the voltage output rating.  The price may also vary if the seller is offering a promo or other discount.

A FSP uninterrupted power supply can provide you with the peace of mind that your PC is protected from unexpected power outages or surges.  This is especially true if you are one of those people who has their computer running 24/7.  And if you run a small business using your computer, the loss of data (or the computer itself) due the computer suddenly losing power can mean the difference between making a profit or not.  A FSP uninterrupted power supply can help put that worry out of your mind.