IBM Uninterrupted Power Supply

IBM Uninterrupted Power Supply

If you are running any kind of serious computer operation to support a medium to large business, or a data centre type operation, the last thing you want to have happen is to lose power.  Your computers are providing essential operations 24/7 and the users expect them to be available at all times.  However there are situations when there is a power outage unexpectedly.  The outage could be caused by a storm or an accident which impacted a major power line.  If the computer is performing some critical operation at the time of the outage, the data could either be corrupted or lost.  Furthermore, during a lightning storm, if a bolt hits a power station, it can send a surge of electricity throughout the system.  This surge can also cause extensive damage to computers.

So what can you do about it?  The easiest and most common solution is to install an uninterrupted power supply.  This is a device which provides battery power to the computer system.  The battery power is enough to gracefully shut down a system without losing or corrupting data.  Furthermore an uninterrupted power supply has circuitry to absorb major power surges such as when lightning hits or power suddenly is restored.  There are many brands available to fit all budgets and operating requirements.  The following is one brand in particular.

The IBM Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

IBM is well known for its computers.  Over the years it has diversified itself to offer complete solutions to businesses.  Among the solutions is the uninterrupted power supply.  The models offered by IBM are directed toward a server environment rather than the home or small business user.

The IBM uninterrupted power supply comes in two forms: a tower or rack mounted.  There are four tower models starting with a 750 watt output rating up to a 1000 watt output rating.  All have eight outlets for computers and peripherals to connect.  They also have hot swappable batteries so maintenance can be performed while the unit is running.

The rack mounted IBM uninterrupted power supply comes in eight models ranging in output wattage from 1,000 to 10,000.  These are designed to support servers which are installed in a server rack configuration.  These models would be used by medium to large enterprises.

Purchasing an IBM Uninterrupted Power Supply

Because the IBM uninterrupted power supply is geared towards the business market, the sources of supply are limited.  Though some of the products can be obtained online, most are obtained through an authorised IBM retailer or distributor.  The following is a short list of retailers who advertise the IBM uninterrupted power supply:

  • Amazon
  • SourceTek
  • NovaTech
  • IBM

Estimated Costs of the IBM Uninterrupted Power Supply

The price of an IBM uninterrupted power supply is higher than for an uninterrupted power supply marketed for home or small office use.  The IBM uninterrupted power supply tower models range from around £300 to £450.  The rack mounted IBM uninterrupted power supply units range from about £300 to over £2,000.

If your business is heavily reliant on servers to provide your IT needs, then you should seriously consider the IBM uninterrupted power supply.  This would be especially true if you use IBM's servers.  The risk to your business due to unexpected power outages or power line surges and fluctuations is serious.  The loss of data, not to mention time and possibly good will (think of your web server going down) could mean the difference between a good profit and a loss.