Intel Uninterrupted Power Supply

Intel Uninterrupted Power Supply

A business server-based computer system relies on the servers being operational 24/7.  If the primary power supply fails, you need to have a backup, then you need to replace the failed power supply as soon as possible.  But before you do that, read on to see what is available in terms of uninterrupted power supply.  This will help you in the eventuality of a power failure, protecting both your data and your system for potential loss, damage and malfunction.

The Intel Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

Though Intel is widely known for its microprocessors, the company also produces workstations and servers.  For its server line, Intel has its own power supply units.  These are manufactured specifically to support Intel's server product line.  Except for entry level tower models, servers generally come with multiple power supplies.  Only one is in actual operation at a time.  The other(s) are backups in case the primary fails for whatever reason.  When the primary power supply fails, the secondary is started automatically to ensure the server is kept running.

The Intel power supply units are manufactured to meet the technical specifications of the Intel server product line.  They are generally of the hot-swap version meaning the Intel power supply can be removed and replaced without shutting down the server.  The Intel power supply is provided in several output watt ratings to meet the power requirements for the various servers.

When purchasing an Intel server it is a wise decision to also purchase at least one Intel power supply as a backup.  That will ensure your server will not have to be shut down should the installed Intel power supply fail.  This would be especially true if the particular server was supporting critical business functions such as database management or a website.

Purchasing an Intel Uninterrupted Power Supply

Several retailers offer an Intel uninterrupted power supply for sale.  These include stores such as the following so you may want to check these up if you’re looking for this type of products:

  • Amazon
  • Insight
  • Langton Info Services
  • CPUTopia

Estimated Costs of an Intel Uninterrupted Power Supply

An Intel power supply unit can be purchased in the range of around £30 to £185 depending on the output watts.  When purchasing an Intel power supply, make sure you are buying the same as what is already installed.  You also want to make sure that the Intel power supply you are buying is hot-swappable if the other Intel power supply is too.

Intel servers are designed to use primarily an Intel power supply.  It is a wise business decision to have one or two Intel power supply units on hand at all times.  To further ensure your servers are at minimal risk for power related problems you should also connect your Intel power supply to an uninterrupted power supply.  This will ensure the Intel power supply is protected from unusual voltage fluctuations in the electrical power system as well as allow for the smooth shut down of the server in the event of a power outage.