Leibert Uninterrupted Power Supply

Leibert Uninterrupted Power Supply

Today’s computing and communications requirements, (24 hours every day, 365 days a year in some cases) requires a steady supply of power from power companies, a robust inter-networking setup from ISP servers, and a lot more.  But the most important component by far still remains your ability to link up to the internet - and this usually means your ability to use your home PC or laptop computer to send and receive the communications.  But as we all know, getting your computer up and running for hours on end, in the face of power supply interruptions and/or total outages, isn’t easy - nor is it cheap.  But, fortunately, many companies have invested a lot into the research and technology of this problem and the results (e.g., a Leibert Uninterrupted Power Supply unit for the home or small office) have made it possible for the average computer user to stay connected at a very reasonable price.

The Leibert Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

Leibert UPS systems come in a variety of sizes to suit your power backup requirement and your budget, ranging from the small units for your home or office (such as the PSA Series, 300-650 Watts, that give you 15-30 minutes backup on a single PC) to the really big units for data centres and server rooms (the GXT3 Series, 2000 Watts -10 Kilowatt) that could theoretically keep the installation running for days.

Besides giving you a back-up source of power when the mains fail all of these UPS systems come with other functions, including line conditioning (or power supply filtering and stabilisation), surge protection, and even the ability to safely shut down your computer when the battery capacity is nearly exhausted – just in case this happens when you are away from the computer.

Purchasing Leibert Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Leibert UPS systems can be bought from a variety of online stores and in the major shopping centres.  Some of the online stores include:

  • Amazon - mostly for the home small office units
  • Deals Rebates - for the full range of Leibert UPS systems of all sizes and capacities.
  • Ups Power - for home, office and bigger systems
  • Value Power Systems - offer free consultation and site survey for industrial installations.
  • Most Maplin stores all over the UK, for home and small office units.

Estimated Cost of Leibert Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Depending on the size and capacity of the UPS unit the prices for Leibert UPS systems range from £50 for the small ones to £7,000 for the heavy-duty units.  Most units for home or office use (250 Watts to 1000 Watts) will in most cases cost less than £100.

An uninterrupted power supply has become something of a necessary accessory for the computer user.  Computer hardware is particularly prone to power outages and an accidental shutdown resulting from mains failure could end up costing you a lot in terms of data loss, or even damage to the sensitive hardware inside your computer.  The uninterrupted power supply, for the price of less than £100 for home or small office use, can be your life saver in these situations.