Mercury Uninterrupted Power Supply

Mercury Uninterrupted Power Supply

A stable source of power for your home computer is one of those things you so often take for granted, and rightly so most of the time.  The utility company is after all obligated to provide your electricity 24/7, all year round.  But power fluctuations happen from time to time all the same and at the most awkward moments: during that crucial assignment for example, or when you must be online to wrap up a transaction, or simply to stay up to date.  At these moments a backup source of electricity is critically important – a UPS system like the Mercury uninterrupted power supply can help.

The UPS system “conditions” the power source of your computer, meaning it filters the power and regulates it, keeping it free from power spikes, surges and line noise.  And in the case of a power failure or outage the UPS quickly takes over, ensuring that you get time to finish what you were doing, and to shut the computer down in a proper manner.  This helps to prevent all sorts of problems that could happen to your computer if its power supply was suddenly interrupted, things like operating system crashing and loss of data, to mention only a few.  A small UPS system of 500 Watts will usually give you 15-30 minutes of runtime if used for one PC, or 6-10 minutes if used for 2 PCs.

The Mercury Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

The computer today has become a tool for communication and information, combining the functions of a telephone, newspaper, radio and even your TV in some cases, and is designed to run non-stop for years on end.  This calls for a power source that not only keeps your computer running when the mains fails but one that also protects your computer from other adverse power conditions like power spikes and brownouts that could shorten the life of the device.

Mercury is a major manufacturer of computer equipment and accessories including uninterrupted power supplies, and they make all sizes and capacities to meet your requirement: from small units for the home or small office through to the heavy-duty types for the data centre or web server environment.  For your home or office, units of 500 Watts to 3,000 Watts will cover most of your needs.

Purchasing a Mercury Uninterrupted Power Supply

Mercury uninterrupted power supply systems are available from many online stores and in many high street stores in the UK.  Some of these stores are listed below:

  • Amazon - stock all major brands of uninterruptible power supplies, including Mercury.
  • Maplin - stock all the major electronics accessories including Mercury UPS systems.

Estimated cost of Mercury uninterrupted power supplies

Mercury UPS units of 400 Watts (or 650VA) cost around £50, including delivery or postage.  The bigger units (600 Watts or 850VA) cost around £160.  The big industrial sizes will cost a lot more, anything from £3,000 to £10,000 or more is not unusual.

The cost of an uninterrupted power supply system may sound very high especially for the industrial size units but in general a UPS system is a great investment for any computer user.  For your home computer though you will not need to spend more than £100.