Metertac Uninterrupted Power Supply

Metertac Uninterrupted Power Supply

Your computer equipment, including the computer itself and any peripheral equipment attached to it like the networking gear need to be protected from power supply interruptions and fluctuations that could shorten the life of the equipment or, worse, damage it beyond use.  You avoid this by installing an uninterruptible power supply for example the Metertac uninterrupted power supply, which works by filtering, stabilising and regulating the mains electricity power supply when the mains are on and maintaining the power supply for a short period in case the mains fail while you are still working at the computer.

The UPS system helps you by minimising downtime and keeping you working where the option would be to fume in frustration or simply to sit and wait for the mains supply.  Most modern UPS systems will even shut the computer down for you in case the power fails when you are away from the computer, when the unit’s batteries get exhausted.  For the modern computer user both these scenarios may mean lost revenue or lost opportunities.

The Metertac Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

Metertac is a respected brand where uninterrupted power supplies are concerned and they make UPS systems for the home computer user and medium to heavy systems for the office and larger business installation.  The smallest units for the home come in sizes from 400 Watts which may be used for two PCs.  Industrial size systems can have capacities from 5,000 Watts to 10 Kilowatt and more.

Purchasing a Metertac Uninterrupted Power Supply

Most online UK stores stock the Metertac range of UPS products.  Many other stores that deal in electronics and computer accessories will usually have the Metertac brand of UPS units especially the small to medium sizes.  Among the online stores these have stocks of Metertac uninterrupted power supply:

  • Amazon is a major online retailer of Metertac brand UPS products, especially the 500 Watt Pico Series to 2000 Watt (Nano Series) units.
  • UK Insight is another online store that stocks Metertac UPS units in the small to medium sizes for home and office.

For the really big server room size and “special projects” installations (up to 4.8 MVA) you would have to deal with the company direct.

Estimated cost of Metertac uninterrupted power supplies

The PICO 650 is the smallest in the Metertac range and costs around £90.  Larger units like the NANO 2000 (2,000VA or nearly 1500 Watts) cost around £275.  The NANO 1000 (700 Watts) costs around £190.  The extra heavy-duty units cost from £700 for the MICRO 3000T to £2,250 for the MICRO 10000T which delivers a whopping 7,000 watts of power.

An uninterrupted power supply for your computer is not a luxury, rather a necessity.  Today’s computing requirements call for 24/7 all year round operation.  Computers in certain critical installations like data centres and server rooms for example are expected to run non-stop all year round, power outages notwithstanding.  For these installations investing in a good uninterruptible power supply such as the Metertac uninterrupted power supply is the only way to keep abreast of the demands of today’s computing needs.  The same is true for your average computer user.