Monster Cable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Monster Cable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Interruptions in the electricity power supply to your computer can sometimes spell disaster in the form of data loss or even damage to your computer.  This means downtime for your business or office.  But even for the home, power outages can be a great inconvenience.  Most of us these days have come to depend on the computer for all sorts of things, from online shopping and banking to staying in touch with friends and family.  A fairly cheap solution to the problem of power failures is the power backup system such as a Monster Cable uninterrupted power supply for your home or office.

A UPS system helps to ensure that the power your computer or other expensive home entertainment equipment uses is filtered and therefore free from power spikes and surges, and the voltage regulated to the standard that your equipment was designed to use.  This protects the equipment and prevents early breakdown or failure, operating system crashes in the case of computers, and all sorts of inconveniences that are associated with power outages.

The Monster Cable Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

Monster Cable is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic accessories like cables and home entertainment add-ons including headphones and UPS systems like the HT UPS 500 for your home theatre system.  Their systems, designed as they are largely for the home entertainment scene, have features like automatic self restart and noise suppression technology, unlike traditional uninterrupted power supplies which are designed only to regulate the power source for computers and give you a power backup in case of mains failure.

Purchasing a Monster Cable Uninterrupted Power Supply

You can buy Monster Cable UPS systems from a number of online stores and in shopping centres around the UK, including the following:

  • Amazon - stocks all the major UPS brands, including Monster Cable’s HT UPS 500 uninterruptible power supply system.
  • Shopwiki - stocks Monster Cable UPS systems in the 500 Watts range for the home theatre system.
  • Maplin stores in most cities in the UK have the Monster Cable UPS systems.

Estimated Costs of a Monster Cable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Monster Cable’s Uninterruptible power supplies for the home theatre systems cost between £75 and £250 depending on the capacity.  The company also sells battery modules for expanding storage capacity in case you want the system to run for much longer when the power fails.  This can be a great benefit in case you want to install extra functions such as emergency lighting for the home to run from the same UPS system that is hooked up to the home theatre system.

Besides computers, other expensive home equipments like home theatre systems need to be protected from destructive power fluctuations like spikes and power surges that may sometimes lead to unexpected expenses in terms of repairs or worse.  A Monster Cable uninterrupted power supply could be what you need to avoid these costly mishaps, or simply to stay on top of things when the mains electricity lets you down.