PowerWare Uninterrupted Power Supply

PowerWare Uninterrupted Power Supply

A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is an electronic device that allows your computer or any other electronic device to continue running after a power failure.  If the primary source of power fails, the uninterrupted power supply will ‘kick in’, and give you five to fifteen minutes of further electrical power.  This period will allow you to rectify the problem or safely shut down your machines.  The UPS protects you from losing your work since it signals you, and you can save the work that you are doing in the computer, while the battery system within it runs the computer for you.

Uninterrupted power supplies come in different sizes and wattage.  There are UPS devices that protect single gadgets such as a computer while there are those that are used for all the equipment in a building or even a city.

The PowerWare Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

Uninterrupted power supply equipment assures you that you will never have power disruption, as long as you are using them.  The equipment provides excellent service and continued innovation for many years.  These devices range from 300 VA to 4000 kVA, and include DC powered systems that support any application.  The PowerWare uninterrupted power supply equipment is also custom made to fit commercial markets, as well as telecoms and national arenas.  The devices incorporate monitoring, shutdown, and predictive power management and analysis.

In addition to providing protection from the failure of the primary source of power, the Powerware UPS protects your equipment from any detrimental effects, and electrical disturbances arising from the use of a secondary source of power.
The PowerWare systems come in three basic types:

  • The stand-by system that detects problems and protects a single workstation
  • The line interactive system for small networking enterprises
  • The double conversion on-line UPS that is always functioning and provides protection in critical areas such as hospitals

Purchasing a PowerWare Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit

The PowerWare uninterrupted power supply products are available for purchase in both local and online stores.  Some of the places to purchase them include the following:

  • Upsmart store in London
  • Provantage
  • Amazon

Before purchasing you will need to determine which model and size you require and this will depend on what equipment you wish to protect.  A customer service representative should be able to help you with this.

Estimated Costs of a PowerWare Uninterrupted Power Supply

The PowerWare uninterrupted power supply units range in price depending on the model you choose and the shop you choose to purchase the product from.  In general you can expect to pay around £100 to £200 for a line interactive uninterrupted power supply and around £500 for the more expensive online models.

A PowerWare uninterrupted power supply product works to protect your machines by intercepting power surges and preventing them from destroying your equipment.  Power surges are dangerous because, in some cases, they cause damage to property, fires and even loss of life.  If you value your electronic devices, then purchasing a PowerWare uninterrupted power supply product is a perfect way to prevent any major problems.