Uniross Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uniross Uninterrupted Power Supply

You have this electronic device, be it a mobile phone, laptop, PDA, GPS or whatever.  But in today’s world, where electronic information is so important, power failures can lead to a total mess, leading to a loss of essential data, not to mention the inability to use your electric equipment due to lack of power or damage occurred as an effect of the power failure.  So now what do you do?  Well you march right down to the local electronics store and buy an uninterrupted power supply.  This will ease your mind in the eventuality of power problems which tend to occur when you need electricity the most.

The Uniross Uninterrupted Power Supply

Uniross has been in the rechargeable power business for over four decades.  It expanded its business over the years to include the manufacture of Uniross portable power products.  The key feature of the Uniross portable power items is that they can provide power whilst you travel, and being on the road is one of those moments when you quite often need a power supply the most.

The Uniross portable power range comes in a range of models which are suitable for most mobile phones, MP3s and console games.  First of all, this manufacturer offers a ‘Ready to Dance’ range especially designed for providing backup energy for MP3 players, game consoles, PDA and mobile phones.  It recharges through a USB port or AC/DC adaptor and completes the process in four hours.  This type of portable uninterrupted power supply is suitable for Apple iPod and iPhone and also mobile phones such as Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry.

And if that isn't enough, Uniross also makes an emergency charger that provides backup power for Mp3 players, mobile phones and other similar devices.  This is one of the best companies to opt for when searching for a back up power option when on the road.

Purchasing a Uniross Uninterrupted Power Supply

The Uniross power adapter is available at most electronic stores.  Here are a few recommended sources for you:

  • The Uniross website offers a wide range of power adaptors for home and travel use, as well as for multimedia use, referring to power adaptors for Apple, games, MP3 players and phones.
  • Amazon
  • Baterry Logic
  • Games Basement

Estimated Costs of the Uniross Uninterrupted Power Supply

Depending on the type of portable power supply you require, you can expect to pay around £15 to around £25, the least expensive being the “Ready to Phone” range.  If you wish to also purchase the Uniross emergency charger device, it will cost you almost nothing, the unit being priced at £5.

So now when you need to instant backup energy when travelling, you know where to look.  Uniross is an excellent provider of portable uninterrupted power supplies for your most cherished devices.  You gleefully leave the store, portable power supply in hand, and enough money left over to stop by the local pub and have a pint or two.