Zigor Uninterrupted Power Supply

Zigor Uninterrupted Power Supply

An uninterrupted power supply is an electronic piece of machinery that will provide electricity and provide protection for your equipment in the event of a power cut.  It uses diesel generators or flywheels for power users.  These usually only operate for a short while but will give enough time for the machine to be closed down in the correct manner.  They are used to protect computers, telecommunications and data centres which could suffer badly without this resource.  They come in a wide range of sizes and capabilities.  The smallest will be sufficient for a single computer and the largest could protect a city.

The Zigor Uninterrupted Power Supply Brand

Zigor have been in production since 1934 and have factories in different areas of the world.  They sell their products in over sixty countries and have an estimated annual turnover of approximately £250 million.  They pride themselves in offering realistic prices and outstanding customer services.  Zigor manufacture a wide range of uninterrupted power supply units.  

At the lower end of the range is the Danube which is powerful enough to protect a personal computer.  The Ebro UPS range is available in 650VA and 850 VA and will adequately protect today's modern computers and also electrical audio devices.  At the top end of the scale is the Tamesis which is a high quality power supply suitable for data centres, telecommunications and high powered applications.  This unit has a range of menus and can be managed remotely using the software that is supplied with it.

Purchasing a Zigor Uninterrupted Power Supply

If you are looking to purchase one of the uninterrupted power supply units available today, note that there are many places where it is possible to find them.  Some of these include:

  • Amazon
  • Lambda Tek
  • Misco
  • W. Stone
  • Scan Computers

Estimated Costs of a Zigor Uninterrupted Power Supply

For an idea of the prices of these units and more information on the type of products available, here are a couple of examples you might be interested in:

  • The Zigor Danubio 10kVA : this model has an LCD screen that allows actual reading of the battery levels and it comes with software and a power manager. This unit will provide adequate protection for small servers, workstations and domestic computers.  The power provided is guaranteed for at least ten minutes.  It can be purchased for around £136, the 16kVA is approximately £200.
  • The Rhin 10kVA is appropriate for mission control users who need maximum reliability  and performance.  It regulates the power supply and can be used as a tower or a rack.  The software for this product is easy to install and this model has seven different alarms for added security.  The cost of this unit is around £1,150.

If you’re in need of the security of one of these back up pieces of technology, first it will be necessary to assess your needs as far as size is concerned.  Once you have established this, start looking around to see what is available and what each model will cover.  It is also important to assess your budget too.  Obviously, the technology is high quality anyway but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for and if your requirements are for a large capacity unit, then you have to think that regardless of the cost, how much it would save you in the future.