Uninterrupted Power Supply Devices

Uninterrupted Power Supply Devices

Once electrical equipment loses power there can be varying degrees of problems. This can run from lost work on a PC to potential crashes when traffic lights fail.  With uninterrupted power system devices this will not happen as there will be a link to keep the equipment working until the normal supply is restored.

What are Uninterrupted Power Supply Devices?

When power is about to be lost an uninterrupted power device will make sure that the machine does not close down. This is in the form of back up batteries and acts as a power link until the normal source is restored. This can be ideal in cases of a blackout as there is time to sort out, back up and save any work that had been typed up but not saved. There are a number of different types but mainly they will be either large static devices that are used to power bigger equipment or stand alone systems that will be suitable for smaller items. The smaller ones can be bought off the rack while for larger systems it is possible to have one custom built.

Purchasing Uninterrupted Power Supply Devices

  • Keysource do not manufacture systems but as providers they will be able to give advice and informed opinions regarding many companies who do manufacture. They will not be linked to any particular company so will be able to give impartial advice.
  • By visiting Amazon it will be possible to purchase smaller systems. Not only will you be able to read reviews about the product, but it will be delivered right to your door and usually with free delivery.
  • BT have online stores and branches in many towns so there will be plenty of choice when it comes to finding out what types they stock.
  • PC World will also be a good place to find the uninterrupted power supply devices and they have a wide range that will provide something suitable for different types of IT equipment.

Estimated Cost of an Uninterrupted Power Supply Devices

  • A smaller item such as a Trust 1300VA Management UPS (600 Watt) will cost about £70. PC World has some of the cheaper devices as many of their small ones cost around £30.
  • At the other end of the market is the APC Smart-UPS 2200 LCD UPS (1.98 kW). This has won awards and is one of the most popular choices for supporting servers and networks. Due to the extra support it can provide it costs more and is around £500.
  • Further up the range is the MGE Evolution 3000VA Netpack Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit costing £1,250.

It is only once a great deal of work has been lost that many people realise how important it will be to have a backup system. Losing a report will be bad enough but there are times when the outcome can be much worse such as the loss of power for traffic lights or more frighteningly power to an hospital. For the small amount of money uninterrupted power supply devices can cost there will be peace of mind and the ability to work through almost anything.