Online Uninterrupted Power Supply

Online Uninterrupted Power Supply

It is important that home workers and office workers have a good electrical supply to allow them to work throughout the day or night, depending on when they are needed.  Time will be important and having a backup system that means power will stay while any problems are sorted out is vital.

What is an Online Uninterrupted Power Supply?

The main function of an online uninterrupted power supply is to keep the electrical firewall that exists between the power and equipment working. It is able to do more than either the offline or line interactive systems as it will not leave the machine joined to the power without making sure there is plenty of protection. It will maintain power and there will be no need to worry about power quality issues. The AC voltage is converted to DC voltage and at the same time line noise and harmonic distortions will be removed. Energy is also stored to make sure that as much energy as possible is maintained and if the worst does happen and power fails, then the battery will take over. This will happen without a break meaning it really can claim to provide an online uninterrupted power supply.

Purchasing an Online Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Amazon sells many online uninterrupted power supply systems and they will normally be eligible for free delivery throughout the UK. A good thing about using them is the fact that there are often reviews from other users.
  • PC World carries a wide range and all can be ordered online as well as purchased in store. The website also gives a list of stores that they have and there is a wide selection throughout the United Kingdom.
  • The online site PCBuyit provides a wide range of equipment and is able to deliver direct to the door.

Estimated Cost of an Online Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • APC Smart-UPS RT 1000VA 230V 2U RM – this is a single phase unit and includes full serial communication. It provides 10 minutes of additional power but this can be extended if there are extra batteries. It will cost on average £660.00.
  • APC Smart-UPS RT 10kVA 230V 6U RM – although there is only 4 minutes of additional time allowed this can be increased with extra batteries. It has a 2 year warranty and costs approximately £4,000.
  • SG Series Online UPS (800VA to 6kVA) – this is strong enough to protect home and work equipment including laboratory items. As it can provide four hours of backup there should be time to find a permanent solution. As these are considered specialist items there will be the need to call the manufacturers for prices.

Knowing that there is a top of the range online uninterrupted power supply system looking after all machines means more time is available to work on the job in hand. The correct system will make sure that there will always be clean power unlike offline systems that only have dirty connections. These machines may not provide the same amount of additional energy that many others do, but they are often dealing will much bigger machines to power. In all cases any additional time will be welcome as it at gives the user time to find a further solution or shut down their equipment in the appropriate manner.