Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply

It is vitally important that all equipment that is powered electrically does not lose power and shut down.  Regardless of whether it is IT equipment, a freezer or recording equipment, once the power goes there will be problems as work or products can be lost.  Working and having fun is now more catered for than ever as there is no need to stop when leaving the house as devices can be moved around with laptops, phones or consoles.

What is a Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply?

A portable uninterrupted power supply is a system whereby the power supply can be restored in any location. This supply is different from a generator back up as it is more in the form of a battery. This device is faster to connect and also easier to move around. There are two different types of portable uninterrupted power supply. In one case there needs to be electricity to keep the equipment going but there are also pieces that can work once the electricity has failed.

Purchasing a Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Amazon will always have a wide range of products and they will provide items from different manufacturers so will not be pushing a product with a vested interest.
  • HMV sell all manner of electrical equipment and understand the need to keep a good power supply. As many of their pieces of equipment are hand held and easily transportable they will be able to provide small portable uninterrupted power supply units which mean there is no need to stop playing.
  • BT has an online store and also bases in many phone shops throughout the country that provide portable uninterrupted power supply products.

Estimated Cost of a Portable Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • MGE Evolution 3000VA Netpack Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit – This product has a communication card slot and it is also possible to change the batteries without having to cut off the electric supply. The average cost is around £1200.
  • Sony Portable AC Adapter AC-LS5 - This is ideal for events such as weddings and parties where it is very important that there is no loss of power. Users of Sony equipment will need to pay around £40 to keep their camera running all day.
  • Mains charger for DSi and DS lite – This product is effective for games players who want to continue playing when they discover that their console is losing power. This will not help them when it comes to there being a complete blackout but they will be able to recharge their equipment when there is a power supply for an average cost of £7.99.

Without portable uninterrupted power supply units there would be many problems for people such as business workers who need to travel and work while they are on the road. Children would get bored on long trips if they could not recharge their games machines on places such as trains as they would have to limit the use to make sure the battery lasted throughout the day. In other cases there would be many problems for those who may be camping and are depending on solar energy to charge their items with minimal luck.