Uninterrupted Power Supply Batteries

Uninterrupted Power Supply Batteries

Having a battery that prevents immediate power loss gives a user peace of mind that they will never be in the position of losing work.  With many machines also needing to be shut down properly to prevent them from malfunctioning it is easy to see how important an uninterrupted power supply is.  So what are uninterrupted power supply batteries and why would you want one?

What are Uninterrupted Power Supply Batteries?

An uninterrupted power supply battery works by taking over from the normal source of power if it fails or suddenly no longer works for whatever reason. If the battery is not well maintained then there could be a complete fail if there is a mains shutdown. Uninterrupted power supply batteries are the system you will rely on if there is a power failure as they will immediately work preventing you from losing work and preventing hardware problems. Having a separate source of energy is particularly helpful when using equipment in an area that does not have any mains supply, or in areas where there is a history of poor connection.

Purchasing Uninterrupted Power Supply Batteries

  • MDS Batteries Ltd – they have an online site and are able to supply to the United Kingdom and many other parts of Europe.
  • PC World will provide the batteries from their online shop or from one of the many outlets they have.
  • Dell will be a good company to turn to as they have experience with laptops and will know which uninterrupted power supply batteries are going to work best with each piece of equipment.

Estimated Cost of Uninterrupted Power Supply Batteries

The price of the batteries will very much depend on what they are going to be used for. Clearly a battery that will be used to power a laptop is going to be cheaper than a battery for a much bigger item such as a server. Some models and examples are below.

  • Sterling Batteries H12 12FR – TSE. These come complete with a 12 month warranty and cost £12 on average.
  • AEG Protecta 1000 UPS - These batteries can protect laptops from both loss of power and power surges. For an average price of £37.99 it is easy to keep all work safe.
  • Mustek Powermust 1000 UPS - These batteries are particularly easy to change and there will be little or no down time. The RRP is £52.99.
  • Powerware 9120 3000 UPS – These batteries are ideal for machines that need a high rate of protection. It is for this reason that they are dearer than many others with an RRP of £169.99.

It is important to check the batteries regularly as they deteriorate over the years. Even if the battery still works it could mean that there is less standby time than expected if they are not updated regularly. This could mean that there will not be enough time to save everything that needs to be saved and it can also affect a safe shut down. Fortunately there are places that will check the battery and advise if it does need to be replaced. While it is important to remember that the batteries should be checked they must also be disposed of in a responsible manner – normally through an approved company.