Uninterrupted Power Supply Calculator

Uninterrupted Power Supply Calculator

In today’s world, when productivity is no longer measured in days but rather minutes and communication is instant, we start to become reliant on our computer and office equipment to be operational every second of the day.  Any outage of these systems can be incredibly costly to productivity, not to mention the possibility of damage to these systems leaving possible downtime of up to a few hours – or worse, days.  We need to do everything we can to protect ourselves against these types of outages and a good way to start is to ensure that power is not the cause.  Several manufacturers have recognised this, and manufacture devices that can protect your from this type of failure.  But how do we know what to purchase?  You can use an uninterrupted power supply calculator to tell you.

What is an Uninterrupted Power Supply Calculator?

Uninterrupted power supply units are devices designed to both regulate power to your devices and provide a battery backup in case there is a power cut. They come in three types – the offline, line interactive and online or double conversion systems. Each one has a different way of ensuring you’re protected against power cuts, power spikes, surges and sags. Some even have the ability to prevent environmental issues from affecting them, like noise, frequency oscillation and harmonic distortion. These devices are rated in VA – which is a wattage rating based on how many or what power requirements they can support. By using an uninterrupted power supply calculator you can quickly and easily determine the size and strength of the devices you will need to purchase to protect the equipment you need to connect to one or multiple units as well as the time length of battery backup you can expect to get from them.

Purchasing an Uninterrupted Power Supply Calculator

Generally, uninterrupted power supply calculators can be found at various online sites for use at no charge, but to purchase the actual uninterrupted power supply, we recommend trying one of the following places:

  • We Are Electricals stock a full selection of devices and are located in Birmingham.
  • Coastway Computer services sell uninterrupted power supplies both online and from their East Sussex showroom.

Estimated Costs of an Uninterrupted Power Supply Calculator

An uninterrupted power supply calculator is a software application and generally is available for free. Once you have worked out what you need, it’s time to look at the price of the actual device. For an offline unit, expect to pay no less than about £40. If you’re serious about protection, you’ll want at least the line interactive device – prices on these start from about £70. For pricing on online devices, it is recommended that you contact a retailer as they are tailored to your specific needs.

Because there is such a huge range of these devices available and the cost can be high, you don’t want to be left guessing at what you need. You want to know exactly what size battery and wattage output power you need. Using an uninterrupted power supply calculator can tell you just that.