Uninterrupted Power Supply Computers

Uninterrupted Power Supply Computers

Computers cannot just be left to run by themselves and it is very important to make sure that there is enough energy to run them properly.  Without the right amount of power they will either not run properly or at worst will breakdown or malfunction and any work that had been done and not saved may be lost.  This is why an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is so important.

What are Uninterrupted Power Supply Computers?

Uninterrupted power supply computers are computers that have a continuous power supply. It is not just the loss of power that can cause problems to a computer but a surge can be just as bad. If the machine is not programmed to cope with this the same amount of damage can be done. If the motherboard is damaged then there is little or nothing that can be done about it. An uninterrupted power supply computer is one that has been properly assessed and fitted with the battery and back up it needs.

Uninterrupted power supply computers will be able to cope with voltage changes – up and down, total loss of power and frequency difference that is above 60 Hertz. There are two different ways to run these computers. First there is a standby UPS which kicks in as soon as a problem is detected and second there is a continuous UPS where the battery running the computer is always on charge. The power will still be there even if the power fails and it is this system that will be used in computers where there will be severe consequences of power failure. For this reason even the military are interested in computers such as this as the loss of power in a war zone could equate to a loss of life.

Purchasing Uninterrupted Power Supply Computers

  • Harland Simon UPS Ltd based in Milton Keynes is becoming the company the military turn to when they need new computers. They have a long life back up system and can also be used in varying temperatures. Some models cannot function well in extreme heat or cold but service personnel cannot risk anything other than 100% accuracy in all conditions.
  • Dell also provide uninterrupted power supply computers both online and in stores on the High Street.

Estimated Cost of Uninterrupted Power Supply Computers

All computers need to have an uninterrupted power supply and the cost of the system used is often parallel to the cost and use of the computer. A home computer may not need such a trusted back up as a military one. As military equipment is specialised sites are not prepared to publish their prices. For a home computer the cost can be anything from £58 for the APC Back-UPS ES 400VA Backup And Protection for home computers up to £830 for the HP ProLiant - DL320 G6 - 2 GB RAM - 1.6 GHz - 500 GB HDD which would be considered suitable for a small business’ computers.

Losing all the work on a computer or having it break down completely can be devastating and this is the worst case scenario if there is not an uninterrupted power supply. A computer’s loss of power at home will not normally be too much of a problem, but in some places corrupted data can be fatal. By giving the computer one to one protection this risk can be eliminated and five to ten minutes will be plenty of time to allow the data to be saved and a normal shut down carried out.