Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

Power cuts and power irregularities from the power company can be very damaging to your equipment – not to mention the loss of productivity and trouble of getting all your systems up and running again.  If you run a large installation of power critical devices or just need to regulate the voltage and frequency of power to your equipment, several manufacturers provide uninterrupted power supply systems that can be scaled to your specific needs.  Additional and add on battery packs can be purchased and the battery powering time can be increased to several hours with the addition of these battery packs.

What are Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems?

Uninterrupted power supply systems protect your equipment from power cuts, surges, spikes and sags. To put it simply – uninterrupted power supply systems create a barrier to your expensive computer equipment from expensive damage and costly loss of productivity. They come in three different types, with each more costly as they go up in features and reliability.

The offline UPS, a basic system, uses a battery to power your devices at any sign of power irregularity. Total cost of ownership is high as the battery needs to be replaced yearly, but they are very cost effective. Line interactive units are around twice the price of the offline systems, but contain automatic voltage regulator coil circuits to deal with the power surges, spikes and sags and the battery is only used when the power is lost completely, meaning there is less strain on the battery and thereby reducing cost of ownership.

The last type, the on line uninterrupted power supply systems contain another important feature – the rectifier is never removed from the battery, so complete filtering of power to the attached devices is possible, meaning it doesn’t matter what the input voltage and frequency is because the on line device will regulate the output constantly.

Purchasing Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

  • Maplin is a national chain that offers many different brands of uninterrupted power supply unit devices including Eaton, Power Armour and APC. They offer free shipping if bought online and have shops all over Great Britain.
  • CleverBoxes have a sales showroom In Clayton Le Moors, Lancashire and offer many different types and brands of UPS devices.

Estimated Costs of an Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

For large scale uninterrupted power supply systems, you will generally want to get a tailored quotation from a few companies in your area so you can compare the solutions they offer as well as know you’re getting exactly what you need. Basic units start from around £40 for an offline model and £60 for a line interactive model. Generally you don’t want to purchase anything less than the line interactive models.

If you manage a large scale computer server setup or even if you need to know you’ll never be down when the power is, the purchase of this device is almost critical. Don’t be caught powerless when your systems are. Invest in an uninterrupted power supply unit and take the step to ensuring you’re protected.