Uninterrupted Power Supply Units

Uninterrupted Power Supply Units

If work being completed on a computer is important there will clearly be consequences were you to lose it all before you had a chance to save it.  Having uninterrupted power supply units will help the user save their work wherever they are as there will always be time to close the computer down before the electricity supplied fails completely.  Uninterrupted power supply units help with both home users and on a larger scale such as in hospitals.  As some equipment needs to continue running even in the case of a power failure, an uninterrupted power supply unit is vital.

What are Uninterrupted Power Supply Units?

The uninterrupted power supply units are batteries of different sizes that will make sure those laptops and other power controlled devices do not run out of power. Making sure the correct one is selected is very important as if a unit with the wrong power supply is used it can be as detrimental as not having one at all. Another thing to decide upon is the length of time power will be needed to provide backup power in the event of power loss. With a home computer a few minutes will be enough as it will only take a couple of minutes to save any work being carried out and shut the machine down correctly. But in a hospital or laboratory there needs to be continual power so there needs to be a longer timescale to allow for the backup to be properly connected

Purchasing Uninterrupted Power Supply Units

  • Memory Express is based in London and as a result will have no difficulty in delivering their products to anywhere in the United Kingdom very quickly.
  • Misco provides a free phone number to make it a more attractive option when shopping for uninterrupted power supply units.
  • Amazon is an online supplier who has a number of uninterrupted supply units that cater for different needs.
  • Insight supplies varies units including the APC Back UPS with a 405 Watt load capacity which has an estimated run time of 3.5 minutes which will be long enough to allow for a computer to be logged off and safely shut down.

Estimated Cost of Uninterrupted Power Supply Units

  • The Eaton Pulsar Evolution 850 UPS - 600 Watt costs £140 and is ideal for providing power for 1 to 15 servers.
  • The Eaton Ellipse ASR 600 UPS costs £120 and will protect the machine from surges of electricity as well as loss. A broadband connection will also be protected so this will be ideal for business users.

Just because there is an emergency generator it does not mean there is no need to also pay for uninterrupted power supply units. A generator will not bridge the gap once the power has gone. For this reason it is necessary to have uninterrupted power supply units to keep the machine working until the backup power has time to start. With a number of different models on the market you will surely find one that meets your needs.