Industrial Uninterrupted Power Supply

Industrial Uninterrupted Power Supply

An uninterrupted power supply is also known as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and is an electrical device which can supply a large amount of electrical power without any interruption.  Each UPS device comes with a form of power supply storage such as batteries and flywheels and these systems are capable of high quality supply of electricity.  The advantage of having a UPS means that there is protection against power supply failure and also that there is a barrier between the mains supply and the output.

What is an Industrial Uninterrupted Power Supply?

UPS devices come in different ranges and there are those which are designed for use in industrial and commercial operations.  These devices are often larger than the UPS systems made for home use and provide a larger amount of electricity.  The size usually ranges from 10kVA to 2.2MVA.  For operations which require a huge amount of electricity, several devices are needed in order to make that level of power available.  Although UPS devices are commonly used as backup systems against power failure, they are also used for protection against power surges which could cause untold damage to the machinery and equipment being used for operations.  Therefore UPS devices are also used to give security to electrical equipment.

The most common form of industrial uninterrupted power supply is what is known as a rotary UPS.  This makes use of a system known as the spinning flywheel to provide a high amount of power for a short period of time whenever there is a power supply failure.  Most of the time, a rotary UPS is used with a standby diesel generator or a motor generating set to provide backup power supply.  An industrial UPS is used for applications that make use of a very high power supply.  It is a large and heavy device which requires the use of a crane or a forklift to move.  It is robust and can take a lot of pressure.

Purchasing an Industrial Uninterrupted Power Supply

Because of their nature, it is not possible to walk into any of the high street stores and order an industrial uninterrupted power supply system on demand.  It is more likely that you would find them directly from the manufacturer or maybe an authorised dealership.  In such a situation, you need to have an idea what brand you are looking for and what the requirements are.  Most of these manufacturers and dealers have websites and it is possible to order directly from their websites.  However there are smaller sized industrial UPS systems that can be obtained from stores like Bespoke UPS.

Estimated Cost of an Industrial Uninterrupted Power Supply

The cost of an industrial UPS system will depend on the size, the purpose it is meant for and the brand.  The smaller, more portable units can be purchased starting from £1500 upwards.  If you have a lot of heavy duty equipment which requires high level power supply, investing in a good industrial uninterrupted power supply system is a good idea and if you get one which is eligible for enhanced capital allowances by the government, you can add substantial savings into the bargain.