Regulated Uninterrupted Power Supply

Regulated Uninterrupted Power Supply

If you have ever experienced the sheer frustration from losing important information due to a power failure, or the pain of having an expensive gadget damaged by a power surge, then you know the need for an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system. These help to maintain a balance between the power from the mains and the output so that power surges do not affect equipment. They are also useful whenever there is power failure and can keep the systems running for the short period necessary to switch to the backup power source.

What is a Regulated Uninterrupted Power Supply?

There are different types of uninterrupted power supply systems and not all are regulated.  A system that is regulated means that it does not supply the power from the mains exactly as it is delivered but seeks to temper the output most times through a slight reduction.  There are three major types of UPS systems and these are online UPS systems, standby or offline systems and line-interactive UPS systems.  Of the three, the standby or offline systems are not regulated; meaning that they do not regulate the incoming power.  This can be extremely dangerous for equipment especially where they are used for networking systems.

The online UPS systems are regulated power supply systems in that the voltage and frequencies that pass through them are filtered and only clean, regulated AC power is provided to the equipment.  These are the best to use particularly where there are instances of power surges and fluctuations as they compensate for under-voltage and over-voltage.  The line-interactive UPS systems were designed as an attempt to correct whatever flaws were in the online UPS systems.  They are regulated uninterrupted power supply systems and they regulate whatever power comes from the mains before it is passed on to the equipment it is being used for.  These operate with the use of battery power.

For those who live in areas that suffer from regular power failure, or constant power surges, these regulated uninterrupted power supply systems are the best option as they protect equipment from damage caused by sudden power surges or fluctuations.  They are also known as precision voltage regulated UPS (VRp-Ups).  Irrespective of what the AC input is, these systems consistently provide clean and clear output to equipment.

Purchasing a Regulated Uninterrupted Power Supply

When purchasing these systems it is important to be clear on the size, output and type of system as this will not only affect the price, but also where to purchase.  For standard regulated UPS, these can be bought in most high street stores that sell electrical supplies and also in online stores like:

  • Comet
  • Currys
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Estimated Cost of a Regulated Uninterrupted Power Supply

It has already been pointed out that regulated UPS, like most UPS systems are priced according to their size, output and brand name.  However, the estimated price should fall within the region of £99.99 and £200.  Although these systems are more expensive than the non-regulated variety, their benefits far outweigh the price.