Residential Uninterrupted Power Supply

Residential Uninterrupted Power Supply

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is provided by devices which are designed to step in when there is power failure and work for the short period between the switch from the main power source to the backup source.  They are also called uninterruptible power supply systems.  They are not just used as stopgaps; they also function as security and protection for Information Technology equipment, protecting them from power surges.  UPS systems are used in commercial places and offices but there is also the need for residential uninterrupted power supply.

What is Residential Uninterrupted Power Supply?

Residential uninterrupted power supply systems are UPS systems that are designed for home use and therefore small scale use.  Although they are capable of delivering a high level of power, they are often set at a reduced level to guard against fluctuations and power surges.  They can be connected to the communications systems in the house including the computer facilities and the home entertainment systems, as well as the other bulkier systems such as the cooling systems.

The goal is not for the UPS to run the systems, but rather to provide an interim protection until the backup is running.  If a computer is running at the time there is a power outage, the owner of a home that is connected to a residential UPS does not need to lose valuable data but has enough time to save and even shut down while the backup is being switched on.

In the same way, during the winter months, there is no need to spend even a second in a cold room if the furnace is connected to a UPS system.  It can keep running until the backup power system has been switched on.  This is a great help for a lot of families and quite handy too.  UPS systems can be really huge and bulky but the residential version is usually portable and easy to carry around.  Where a home runs a lot of equipment and machinery, it is possible to connect different ones to more than one UPS so that the computers run on a separate UPS from the freezers for instance.  This would help to prolong the lifespan of each UPS system.

Purchasing a Residential Uninterrupted Power Supply

Residential UPS systems are easy to move around and can therefore be found in several shops including online shops.  Some of these are:

  • Comet
  • Currys
  • Argos
  • Maplin
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Estimated Cost of a Residential Uninterrupted Power Supply

There are different brands of residential UPS available on the market and prices are usually determined according to the brand.  Another determinant would be the level of power of the UPS system since systems with higher power level are more expensive.  However, a standard residential uninterrupted power supply system would fall within the region of £50 to £200.

For those who do a lot of work at home, or run a home office a UPS system is not something to compromise on.  Whether there is a home office or not, a UPS system can contribute to a well run house and reduce the stress associated with power failures.