Testing Uninterrupted Power Supply

Testing Uninterrupted Power Supply

An uninterrupted power supply is a safeguard in case of power surges or power cuts.  It enables any machines that are hooked onto the uninterrupted power supply to continue to run for a short length of time, allowing users to make necessary arrangements to either safeguard their work or fix the problem causing the power surge or power cut.  Uninterrupted power supplies are often used in businesses where staff use computers or telecommunication.  However, it is important to regularly check whether your uninterrupted power supply is still functioning.

Load Bank Testing Uninterrupted Power Supply

A load bank test should be completed every time you hook an additional machine onto the uninterrupted power supply.  An uninterrupted power supply can only support a limited amount of voltage and wattage, the amount depending on which uninterrupted power supply you use, and it is important to test whether it can still carry all the loads that it is meant to when you hook up a new machine.

Testing Uninterrupted Power Supply Batteries

It is important to regularly perform maintenance and testing on your uninterrupted power supply.  An uninterrupted power supply runs on a battery and just like with any battery, its life-span decreases over time.  This means that you need to regularly check the quality of your battery to ensure the time it will last is still the time you expect it to last.  Most manufacturers recommend you replace the battery every three years at least.

Testing Uninterrupted Power Supply Failure Modes

It is recommended to test the failure mode on an uninterrupted power supply when the machines that are hooked onto it are not operating and a back-up has been made.  To test the failure mode, you can throw the breaker, in effect faking a power cut, and checking its performance.  It is not advisable to just pull the plug out of the wall, just like with other machines this is something electrical equipment does not like and you could cause malfunctions just by doing this.

If you are not comfortable with throwing a breaker, you could use a Ground Fault Interrupter.  These are found on most power sockets in the United Kingdom and are the buttons that switch the socket on or off.  Although a lot of the testing of uninterrupted power supplies can be done by yourself, there are also plenty of companies and organisations that offer testing services.  In particular those companies that sell uninterrupted power supplies will usually also offer a testing and maintenance service.

So, if you feel that the machines that you use require an uninterrupted power supply to ensure no work gets lost in case of a power surge or power cut, it is important to understand how the machine works and how to ensure it continues to work at top performance at all times.  Maintenance is vital and remembering that the quality of the battery diminishes over time is something to always keep in mind.  If you don’t regularly check, test and maintain your uninterrupted power supply, it could end up not doing the job it was meant to do.