Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is a system which runs on electricity and can provide top quality electrical power with no interruptions.  It functions by acting as an intermediary between the main AC power supply and the output which feeds the equipment it is connected to.  The main functions of uninterrupted power supply systems are to provide protection again power supply failure and also to regularise the output of power by protecting against power surges and fluctuations.  What they do is provide clean power supply regardless of the input.

What are Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems?

Uninterrupted power supply systems are used to supply power to important loads such as communications systems, emergency lighting, computer systems and process control systems.  Because of this, it is essential that UPS systems are designed with reliability in mind.  There are three major types of UPS systems which are online UPS systems, standby or offline UPS systems and Lin… there are some other types of UPS systems but these are the most commonly used.  Online UPS systems regulate the power which comes through from the mains output to ensure that only clean, stable power is being distributed to the equipment.

Standby or offline UPS systems do not regulate the power which passes through from the mains source to the equipment thus a person who is using this type of UPS system is in danger of having equipment damaged as a source of force.  The third type is the linear foundation which over time has tried to improve on the online system.  They also regulate the power which passes through them and make sure that the power output is clean and stable.

To effectively make a choice on which UPS system works best, it would be important to first know how much work is expected from you and if you would require a heavy level UPS system.  To address this, there are different sizes, ranging from small to large, industrial scale systems which are used where there is a heavy workload.  Small UPS systems are for home use on a small scale and also for small offices.  Larger ones are made for commercial and industrial use.

Purchasing Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

When it comes to the purchase, the smaller UPS systems are pretty easy to pick up from most high street stores.  The large ones however might need to be specially ordered.  Some stores which stock UPS systems include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Comet
  • Maplin
  • Micro Direct UK

Estimated Cost of an Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

Depending on the size, the power output and the brand, a standard UPS system should go for as little as £50 and as high as £5000.

UPS systems can be really large so that they need to be carted around with a crane of forklift.  But this is often just with industrial type systems.  The ones built for home and office use are quite portable.  These systems are useful for preventing damage to equipment and loss of data.