Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit

Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit

When computer systems first started being manufactured, they were large enough to cope with most small fluctuations in power but as they get more and more complex and manufacturers cram more and more transistors into smaller and smaller systems, they have naturally become more susceptible to wear and tear or even breaking due to uneven and unregulated power sources.  We need to do everything we can to ensure the power supplied to these units is as clean and stable as possible and this means employing a specially designed uninterrupted power supply unit.  But what are they and what do they do?  Let’s have a look at these and more important questions to help you in making your decision as to which one of these units to purchase.

What is an Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit?

To put it simply, an uninterrupted power supply unit is a device that contains a battery and specially designed circuitry to prevent any electrical or electronic device attached to it to it from irregular power supply to it caused by power cuts, power surges, sags and spikes as well as environmental influences like noise, harmonic distortion and frequency changes and oscillation.  There are three different types of uninterrupted power supply unit that all do basically the same thing, but in different ways with different degrees of success and quality.

To start with, the offline unit is a system that relies solely on the battery to regulate power – any time there is a change in voltage that is below or above the thresholds it kicks over to battery power.  The second type is a line interactive system that contains automatic voltage regulator coils to compensate for changes in voltage and the only thing the battery is used for is to keep the attached devices running in the case of a power cut.  The online uninterrupted power supply unit is the last type of device we look at.  It does everything the offline and line interactive device does, with the added environmental irregularities protection.

Purchasing an Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit

  • Coastway Computer Services is an East Sussex based computer store that sells and supports many different brands of devices like APC, Eaton and Trust.
  • Kikatek offers both online and in-store shopping and carry a large selection of uninterrupted power supply unit devices.  Their shop is located in Berkshire.

Estimated Costs of an Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit

An uninterrupted power supply unit can vary greatly in price but a great rule of thumb is to never spend less than about £60.  You can get offline units for around £30 to £45, but these don’t offer the same protection as the line interactive units that sell for £60 and above.  Online units are generally much more expensive and it is recommended that you consult with your supplier for more information.

These devices are invaluable for your protection against both data loss and damage caused by power irregularities.  By using one, you are taking proactive preventative steps to ensure your productivity is not affected whenever the power is.  An uninterrupted power supply unit is a good, cost effective protection against the eventuality that is power problems.